Purulia Government Engineering College

College Description

Objectives of the Institution

The main objectives and goals of the institution are given below:-

  • To provide affordable quality technical education in order to groom technical and engineering manpower.
  • To be flourished as a world class technical education and research institute
  • c) To act as a facilitator for knowledge generation and dissemination.

More specifically the goals set for the Institution are as follows:

First five years

  • a) Consistent rating among the top five institutions in west Bengal with average results >7.25 GDPA and placement > 80%
  • Introduction of high value added programs in all departments
  • Strategic tie-ups with Universities in India and abroad

Scope of the College

Proposed Purulia Government Engineering College is situated in the close proximity of Bokaro Steel City and Durgapur industrial area.
Dhanbad and Raniganj coal field is also nearby area. Chiiaranjan locomotive and Jamalpur Railway workshop are not far away from it.
Purulia is well connected with Kolkata, Ranchi and Bokaro by rail and road. As the college is located near industrial belt,industry-inst-
itute relation, and research project will expected to flourish in near future.